Maureen Dowd Manufactures Fear Over Global Warming


I told you. I read comments to articles not just comments on my own. Columns columns have comments usually and i love reading them. 'cause that's the face of the of the world that reads that website right so the new york times has its readers and they are virtually to a person cardboard cutouts of leftist and is a fascinating thing through the comments. Maureen dowd columnist new york. Times had a hysterical piece on global warming. It's over it's just over death and mayhem. A greenland is disappearing. Antarctic is disappearing life on earth as we know it is disappearing been. I've been hearing this since nineteen ninety. It's now thirty years that everything is horrible. In the meantime by the way. I should just not to you a fact but facts. Don't bother these people and that fact is noted by bjorn. Lomborg the dane who writes about these matters. Fewer and fewer people die from climate related natural disasters. This is even true. Twenty twenty one despite breathless climate reporting over the past hundred years annual climate related deaths have declined by more than ninety six percent in the nineteen twenties. The death count from climate related. Disasters was four hundred. Eighty five thousand on average every year in the last full decade. It was eighteen thousand three hundred to ninety six percent lower. But this doesn't matter to to maureen down none of this matters.

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