A highlight from GSMC Soccer Episode 238: Are Inter Miami the real deal?


And i'm going to be bringing you the latest and greatest and soccer news from around the world man. How good does it feel to say that. We have premier league and top european football back again. It feels so good to have a back. You know we're talking primarily today. The number one league i follow. Were obviously going to talk about my. Ps g team and what those expectations are with messy now on the table. Like i haven't even. It's been so long. Since i've been on here i haven't even talked about messy going g. You know that's going to be in today's episode and also i. I'm probably mentioned to this. You guys before. But i go to inter miami games to cover them i i take down stats on my phone of the games so i have season tickets. Go to every single home game in this team is for real. And i'm gonna talk about why in the third segment of today's show is going to get into how good inter miami had been playing lately. And just we're gonna talk about if they're actually a real deal in the mls and are the really on for playoff participation. We're gonna see all about that in the third segment. And then lastly we're going to talk about the top ten central attacking midfielders in the world. We got some heavy hitters on this list. Some of the best players in the world. We're gonna be talking about today so you guys are gonna wanna stay tuned for that but without further ado let's get started with the premier league is back baby like it just feels so good to say. We got manchester united out there. We got man. City losing to tottenham in the first week we already got stories running back and forth. Of course were already two weeks into the premier league so manson was able to come right back with a resounding five. No win over norwich city. Who was getting a rude awakening into the premier league with kate with back to back opening games against liverpool in mant city. It does not get much harder than that for norwich city. Just getting into the premier league so a little bit of a rude awakening into what they're going to be expecting throughout this entire season but man what's going on with arsenal. It just never seems to get better like like there were moments when they. They felt so good with a bombing at the helmet. Just him being able to take them to that new height you know but then he just had a bad year last year and you know kinda got a little better you got you know you unlock smith row tyranny on your team you did bring in ben white will still have to you know. Leave that as a question mark whether that was a good move or not the amount of money they paid form but it just never feels like they can get a hold on what works for them and this was just another example they put martinelli babbit smith row bought by logan gun bogan. I've no idea who that is. Phil men. he is young so they put a super young prospect into the starting lineup. Starting nine over. I guess obama yang and lock has at are not available. So i mean. That's a tough situation to be in this early in the first game of the season but your arsenal brentford. They just got promoted to the premier league. And you're gonna lose two nil to them to kneel like. I hear that. I'm dislike like calm on a you. Expect a lot more from arsenal and they actually dominated to this game had sixty five percent possession. Twenty two shots twenty two total shots yet only connected on four of them on target on only four of those twenty. Two absolutely horrendous brentford only had eight shots but they at least had three shots on target of those eight. That's a much better percentage. So it's it's when it matters most and obviously not having your number one strikers out. There certainly won't help and not having cayo sokha for some reason won't help. I have no idea what that was about like. Why is he coming off the bench like that doesn't make sense but regardless it was a really tough night for arsenal. Couldn't get anything going. Ben white looked horrible in his premier league. Debut against a a newly promoted side in brentford. So they lose first game two nil and then you look at their second game and it did not get much better there as they lost two nil once again but this time to european champions chelsea with new signing romolo lukaku who looks oh so good in chelsea blue once again. He's got his second home debut for chelsea and it was a good no wasn't home. Debut was up just a debut that my politics this was at home for arsenal but still an emotional debut for lukaku coming back to the club. That you know didn't go so well. The first time around he went away. Got much much better and now he's back to give him some of that. You know incredible play that you see night in the night out. Like just the strength. The pace the shooting ability. That is a pure number nine. In one of the best we have in the world right now so Amazing addition there and there should be noted that team oh burner off the bench. He came in. I believe it was for halfords or mason. Mount to take the wing. But there's a new number nine in town that is mr romolo lukaku and once again arsenal had absolutely no chance in this game. thirty five percent possessions. Six shots three on target while chelsea i even though they also didn't have their shooting boots in this when they still had twenty two shots and five on target were just able to dominate this game and went to nil. It was a very solid great goal. Of course you know lukaku is gonna scorn is in his debut for chelsea is second debut for chelsea just it was just a great game all around for chelsea and arsenal once again lose without scoring a goal in the first two games on the first time in three. This is only the third time in their history. The bay have not gotten any points in the first two matchday weeks so very poor star for arsenal We look around in since we've just been talking about chelsea. They also won the first game that they had their three nil to crystal palace absolutely dominating. Marcos alonso christian pulisic and Colo- bah all Chipped in with a goal. Each to to win this game very easily. They pretty much dominated crystal palace throughout this match and it was great to see publicity. Get up there on and get on the scoreboard. Unfortunately he did end up picking up colbert. So that's why couldn't play in that arsenal game but he is certainly going to be playing a major role on this team. Moving forward as either someone you wanna put on the sides of lukaku along with mason mount. Maybe you think team over header as you know as a backup. Because he just doesn't seem to be bringing it and until he shows you know there's not much else you can do about it. You got to have you know he. He needs to show you that he he you know that he should be getting regular playing time. And if that's not going to be the case in all enjoy the bench. Mr runner so yes chelsea looking very good to start this season next to go pick everton or everton.

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