A highlight from Fear Street 1994 R. L. Stine | Disney Vs. Scarlett Johansson | The Witcher Season 2 and Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf


Eights brian. I have a question for you today. Man and it's a question that is fought and died for on the internet. There has been lines drawn in sand. Good sir. I'm so eager to hear this. Where do you stand on pineapple pizza. What yeah. I went pizza. Okay oh yeah i suppose. There's weird things you could do. You could always put spinach it. Are you know like broccoli. Somebody's broccoli pizza before. That's broccoli really the little green tree if you steamed it or something you know it'd be but him broccoli home pizza god almighty man next as you know we live in a world now where it's like there's not a it's not binary there's a boy and a girl. There's there's an xbox you can check now that that has something else. I don't know what exists beyond boy or girl and you know it's okay there's so many acronyms lgbt. I don't know all of them anymore and somewhere in there. There's a lot of free loving. So basically what i'm saying is if if i'm open to whatever you want to put on your pizza because that's that's what she. Yeah yeah i i mean. It's it's genius. We i'll eat it. It's it's good. But yeah i have to be open minded. This is twenty twenty one. Now it's it's there's there's no boundaries. Okay so it's got to be accepting people that want pineapple pizza. I definitely know that is hot topic though. Because that's just some people are very against it right. Yeah i just. I'm not gonna like berate. Anybody forgetting pineapple pizza. I'm not gonna think bad about them. I'm going to be caught dead with it all my pizza. It's just it's just not. I don't know it just seems sacrilegious very much like the rap industry. It's like it's either. You're a fan of drake or you hate drake. there's no between you either. Love him or a completely hate him. And yeah i'm okay with it. Whatever you floats your boat on your pizza is a key you see. I brought that judges no judgment right. I brought that up. Because when i was putting getting ready to watch today's film by the way. Welcome to uncovered cinema everybody. My name is william. And i'm brian and today we're breaking down. Arles nines. fear street which recently came out on netflix. It's three part series. You can go and check it out. That's pretty awesome. I've been talking about since the day came out. I think it's a really good movie if not. Yeah the story line. maybe not so much the visuals. The music is amazing. We're going to dive into it. Gets a little weird when we get to sixteen sixty six but what would weird like a good way and in pan flute music. It's basically all they add beckmann the best music to listen to during the plague and in honor of sixteen sixty six. I decided to wear an old timey pilgrim shirt today. Oh yeah. I hopefully rep in the old time. All right wasn't gonna say anything but you do look a little pirate esque. It's like episode of seinfeld. Were they were puffy shirt as a whole thing about the the way buffy shirts. That's exactly that character is what you're portrayed right. Man had to get in character man. I felt it. I lived in the sixteen. Sixty six era. okay. I had to address it. We're all as you can do with a acid trip that is required to watch this movies. so yeah you can you can go for. What do we got the news though for us all right well. We have a couple of very exciting things this week in the news. Like for instance today on the day that we're recording this eight twenty three monday. The witcher nightmare of the wolf finally came out on netflix. The animator movie in holy cow. I must say it's really good is a movie or tv show. Tv show series. That came out about it Yeah the witcher has a tv show series that the second. Season's coming out on december seventeenth on netflix. But they just came out with an animated movie that tells of the fall of the which are order and Basically how

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