How to Design the Life You Want

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Help you design your life. We're gonna use the technique of design thinking innovation methodology works on products works on services. But i think the most interesting design problem is your life. So that's what we're going to talk about. I want to just make sure. Everybody knows my buddy dave evans dave and i are the co authors of the book and he's the guy who helped me co find the life design lab at stanford. So what are we doing. The life design lab while we teach the class. That helps you figure out what you wanna be when you grow up. There's a meta narrative in the culture in my when when i was growing up. Twenty five. you're supposed to have you know. Maybe a relationship maybe have gotten married starting to get the family together in the in the book or in the class. We don't believe in. Should we just think all right you wherever you are. Let's start from where you are. You're not late for anything. So i'm gonna give you three ideas from design thinking the first one is this notion of connecting the dots so we looked in in the positive psychology literature and the design literature and it turns out that those who you are. There's what you believe. And that's what you do in the world if you can make a connection between b-street things if you can make that a coherent story you will expe- experience your life as meaningful the increase in meaning making comes from connecting the dots. So we do two things. We asked people write a work view. What's your theory of work. Not the job you want. Why do you work. what's it for. What's working service of what you have that. Two hundred fifty words then. This one's a little harder to get short. What's the meaning of life. What's the big picture by you. Here what is your faith or your your view of the world when you can connect your life you and your work together a coherent way you start to experience your life as meaningful

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