Joe Biden, Chris Houlihan And Taliban discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


Of having the biggest mass hostage situation in american history. It's gonna make nineteen seventy-nine tehran. Look like a sleepover. Because you're gonna thousands of americans left behind that. The taliban will then have for leverage when they want international recognition. They want money. they want economic assistance. And they've got a gun to the head of american citizens because joe biden left him. Okay that's represented michael. Walt republican of florida who served in afghanistan in the united states army. And he is exactly correct about this and everybody both sides. The al knows. This is the case here. Eight democratic representative chris houlihan's emigrant of pennsylvania and she says the same thing she says. We're gonna leave people behind remember that time that The slogan was leave. No man behind and now we've people behind them blame them the utter disgusting irresponsibility and blame shifting from isn't remember that time that joe biden says the buck stops here actually has stopped the preschooler from san diego who's stuck with the taliban and preschool or didn't return phone calls from the state department effectively. What i'm hearing. I think many others are hearing is that we are making progress in the sense that we're escalating. The number of people were able to successfully get out every single day it increases and that's good news But i do think that it's it is worrisome. As we talked about just now that we probably won't be able to accomplish the mission of leaving no one behind with the timelines that we have and so. I think that the atmosphere in the mood within the meeting was bipartisan. Only one of encouraging the president to reconsider that date from any didn't reconsider that date democratic represented jason crowe minnesota. He said the same thing. He said our afghan allies. Back there too as you look at the new numbers getting more people on planes getting more people out. How do you assess the situation right now. And what needs to be done. Yeah i'm not seeing a scenario after all the briefings information i've reviewed both as a member of the intelligence committee and the armed services committee as well as the congressional wide briefings reverse electric power. I'm not in a half russ get out our atkins part of the number of this. Don't add up series

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