400% Over 4 Years of Coaching With Entrepreneur Clay Clark


Today we're talking about four hundred percent over four years of coaching with none other than clay clark. And let's just be honest klay because fire nation likes success but they love super success breakdown. What you think the first step to achieving super successes. Well i think the first thing we have to recognize is the the harsh reality that ninety. Six percent of businesses fail according to inc magazine. That's not my opinion. That's magazine will tell you if you look up other statistics you're gonna find eight hundred. Ten small businesses failed forbes. Eight at ten nine hundred ten businesses. Fail dear research tonight folks. Look that up but the first you have to recognize that most people are going to fail by default. So you have to become an intentional person so step one you have to define what success looks like. I mean what does success look like for your faith your family finances your fitness your friendship and your fun and napoleon hill once wrote that a goal is a dream with a deadline napoleon hill the bestselling author of thinking grow rich. You know the personal printers for andrew carnegie. He said that he's a goal is a dream with a deadline. So ask yourself right now. You know i. I have in removing to a forty acre property. Moving to a new building. Moving there i have to ask ourselves what does a successful man cave look like. What does it look like. I'm being serious. I'm telling the listeners out there. This is true a successful man cape books like this three quarters of my beautiful house. My wife has to approve. Of which means that. I will not like it. Because it's going to be boozy transitional and whatever that is but if she's happy i'm happy but then we go to the man cave. This is my family. My man cave has to feel like a dive bar. I have to have rustic. Beat up floors. I've got to have live edge. Would i gotta have a urinal. These are things. That i need jail. These things. i have to have a forty seven foot waterslide but did extends from my waterfall in my backyard. What kind of a successful entrepreneur could possibly do life without a urinal a urinal it's an incredible By the way without having his own forty seven foot waterslide. I'm i'm a forty year old man. I need a forty seven foot waterslide. So but if by default i just met with builders and said well do whatever you think i probably would not have a forty-seven i probably would not have a urinal in my bathroom. My wife would probably not have the existence that she wants. And i would probably not have enough land that i can buy all the yaks llamas and chickens that i want but i want you accent llamas and somebody else listening to says you're sick. You're crazy. well. I might be crazy. I might be a modern billy madison. But the point is ladies and gentlemen you have to define. What are your goals for your faith your family your finances your fitness your friendship your fun and you have to ask yourself. How much does that cost per year.

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