Even CNN's Jake Tapper Is Calling Out Anthony Fauci These Days


Ouchi is so discredited at this point. Even jake tapper calls them out over the weekend on cnn. Jake tapper is trying to get foul ci to his belief that boosters are needed for everyone now and who knows about boosters. i read an article about antibodies. And how the rich are supposedly running around getting antibody tests all the time to try to stay on top of that issue and it is. It is a kind of a reasonable question. Where are your antibody. What's your antibodies level. After a vaccine after the shot. And i know there's different types. The one is the mr a or the md anna supposedly part of the virus. So if i got the johnson. Johnson vaccine in march will my blood tests show antibodies. Now i don't know and this article said that people that have access to you know concierge medicine doctors. They're running off getting antibodies tests. What does that tell you somebody. I know that had that had coverted. I've shared this with you lot. It's anecdotal but it's true doesn't have any antibodies. According to her blood test

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