Vik Hawksley on His Non-Conventional Approach to Develop Strength & Mobility


One of the things i think about when i look at your your training and zone through social media is you. You've often and i don't know if you do it a lot now. But you used to super set a lot of mobility and heavy strength work. And i remember vividly. You doing a really heavy dead lift for wraps and then gone back bridge. And i think like that's like daddy sarko like that kind of combination of movements in the one workout really speaks to the hall of athos of what you end and us what we value in in training right where it's like the ability to do everything and it's not like you're trying your best not to be linear about it. Can you talk a little bit on that. Sort of less. Conventional approach to developing strengthened mobility. Are i mean there are different ways. We can go about it. I mean most simplest way. I'll just speak about it. As if kind of i talk. I talk about this with everybody. Who walks through the doors of aim. You know no matter what they experienced and stuff as the first thing in anything is being away on kind of in in this case. If strength is the end goal know the conventional way is just training right. You know there's plenty of literature. Data's plenty of programs that bid that will get us. You know swallow jacked. What if you follow from eight to be to see and things like that. What it doesn't count for is obviously you know kind of a you know who that individuals they live context. They learning abilities. You know kind of you. Boys have young families of two guys train as much. Since i've had. I haven't been doing ju jitsu like you know kind of like old being able to train the way i was doing everything has had to volve so the thinking behind you know. Kind of training for me is effectively. Well what's the end minds. And what's the. What's the best way that i'm going to hit multiple different. Modalities right one. Simple dallas Multiple different goals. That had so as i say. Strong bending skillful Strong suppleant savage right. Whatever you wanna call it effectively The goal then. Whatever i'm going to do has compliments kind of one of those things at lates. So when i get into session. That's what i have in mind. You know kind of like an unmoving towards the project of the goal that i have you know kind of is good to make me stronger. So what way can i transfer this to anywhere else And obviously the way. I wanna see you know. Can i marry the both to give

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