No Deaths Reported as Small Plane Crashes in Provincetown


Okay this happened just a few days. Few days ago Province town plane crash. Victims suffered burns and broken bones from boston twenty-five news actually i think that There was a. I think we have three articles here. And i liked the second one a little bit better so this is From wc be in cape cod or wherever they're from Federal investigators arrived at a wooded area near province town municipal airport friday after a cape air. Flight skit off. The runway crashed the faa said. The twin engine cessna 4:02 went off the end of the runway while attempting to land province town municipal airport around four pm k. A cape said all six passengers and the pilot were taken to a cape cod hospital Let's see an. Ntsb investigator arrived at the scene on friday. The wreckage is expected to be recovered. Saturday and taken to a facility for further examination. The ntsb said the investigator will document the scene and examine the aircraft radar data weather information air traffic control communication airplane maintenance records and the pilots medical records will also be collected Passenger said the plane was attempting land when it ran into trouble. Here's a quote from one of the passengers. I have no idea if the runway was slick. Or not i know it was not slowing down. And he lifted off again and we went through trees and stuff. That's according to autumn. Care mother of two and a geriatric nurse from toledo ohio. Who was with her friend. Heather on the flight

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