Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Everything You Need to Know


Itself seemed to leak updated kindle paper white devices with larger six point eight inch displays in two variants eight gigabytes for one hundred and forty nine dollars canadian and thirty two gigabytes for two hundred and nine dollars ninety nine cents canadian both with seventeen. Led's quoting good e reader. Amazon is going to be releasing a new kindle paper white in the next few days the reader will have a six point eight inch screen and we'll come. In two variants the kindle paper white five will have eight gigabytes of storage and the kindle paper white signature edition we'll have thirty two gigabytes of storage the product listings are not live but you can learn a little bit about the new devices on the product description page of the kindle basic and can oasis currently. You can view those on the canadian site. They have product pages but they linked to a four page right now. The new kindle paper white five and paperwork five signature edition will both employ a six point eight inch screen with three hundred p. p. i. And the screen will be flush with the basil they will have seventeen white and amber led lights. So you'll be able to use the typical display and it also has the same color temperature system the kennel oasis three employees. This lighting system is a huge upgrade. The paperweight for only has five. Led lights these signature edition will also have auto adjusting light sensors so they will automatically change the brightness of the screen based on the environmental lighting. It will also have wireless charging capabilities and amazon. We'll be selling a new kit. You will be able to connect to wi fi to purchase audio books and e books on the amazon bookstore. The product listing page does not mention a cellular version for an extra fee the kindle paper white five will retail for one hundred forty nine dollars canadian and the eight gigabyte model for two hundred nine dollars. Ninety nine cents. Canadian for the kindle signature edition the prices will likely be lower in the united states when the listing goes live in a couple of days. You can bookmark the product description pages right now and they will likely be going live sometime in the next twenty four hours and quote.

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