Liberals Continue to Push Everyday Racism Against White People


I'm really getting sick and tired Of the racism that is being pushed every single day in the media by the Democrat party at school board meetings by members of Congress I am sick of it And by racism I mean you can say anything you want Anything About a white person or white people Joy Reid is a bigot and she's a homophobe and she's disgusting And I'll get back to her in a minute And she's not alone We've critical race theory being pushed throughout our society including our schools with little kids which is a racist ideology trashing white people Look how they dehumanize individuals You're a white person Doesn't matter what you do how you do it where you do your white Now you can be white and be from Switzerland and you can be white and be from Bolivia But apparently all white people have everything in common Just like all black people are all the same And all Latinos are all the same whether you're from Honduras or Mexico These convenient racist categories they stick us and started with the federal government And the Democrat party pursues them in their own interests And the American Marxist just love it Love it And they have these low IQ Hateful people all over cable and network television all races and if they don't have enough they bring them in from the outside So called professors and experts and authors and all the rest I am sick of it

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