A highlight from Season 5 Recap Episode!


Ally live from our annual post-season intro to another season of rick liberty. That's right where we cover your top your bottom and everything in between we're talking about inter dimensional art says unofficial rick maury podcast season review. Ooh yeah brother. Yeah welcome to your top. Your bottom and everything in between i'm travis. Oh i'm brandon am i well. Maybe we shouldn't talk about if we're tops. Bottoms river twins for the post. Show livestream dot tv slash apathetic. Enthusiasm azam All right yeah. Hi everybody welcome were back. Did you miss us. Have you missed us. Yeah it's been two weeks. I missed like forever. I missed you. Yeah i know. I i mean we. We did do an episode. Last week of apathetic enthusiasm we did catch on. Pod catchers all over the world. So yeah if you did. Miss us We talk about other things outside of rick. And morty over epic enthusiasm but we're back back on the on again off again every other week You know mid mid break. What is this this is this is this is outside of the existence of an actual seasons season break yeah like an actual brazen break because that because by all accounts were all expecting season six to be here on a fairly regular schedule now any minute it could it. Could it could be right now. I mean turning tv right now. It's april's episode. Oh turn it off is if time we we are gonna As as as brain alluded to in the intro. Talk all about season. Five as a whole but before we get to that A little bit of housekeeping You can you

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