New Jersey Home Explodes Hours After Flood Evacuation


More deaths and more missing. Ida's trail of damage growing deeper. President biden today. Sir surveying hard hit new orleans were hurricane. Item made landfall as a monster. Category four storm plus the state's attorney general investigating deaths of nursing home residents packed into this warehouse. Tens of thousands of people still without power as we head into labor day weekend and in the northeast this new video showing how a wall of water tore through a basement apartment in jersey unprecedented flash flooding and tornadoes. Now responsible for the growing death toll and a new crisis unfolding explosions and fires breaking out in swamped. Homes and businesses gave gutierrez. Leads us off tonight from manville new jersey and gave we see one of those explosions. There right behind you. That building still smoking tonight tom. That's right this building is still smoldering. It used to be a banquet on it exploded during the flooding because of an apparent gas leak. Luckily no one was inside but across the northeast. This storm was much more deadly. But in the south. This is the moment i just. Remnants burst through terrify daughter flooding base new jersey. Everyone survive but in new york city. At least eight people died in basement. Apartments across the northeast. The death toll shot up today especially with kids. This andrade wrote out the storm in manville new jersey with his wife and two young kids. The water rose quickly. They rushed upstairs and had to be rescued. Any idea that the storm would be this. Never sort of this. Several homes exploded due to apparent gas leaks. Part of this one ended up all the way across the street. It was tough for firefighters to get here because many neighborhoods underwater

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