Beyond the Language Wars: R & Python for the Modern Data Scientist



Can you describe the set of events that led to our by thon becoming the primary data science today and how this translates into what we call the language war between armed by phone and something that we talked about ready to very beginning of the book is kind of a little bit unusual that we will begin a book on unarmed python by giving this whole history of languages. But i want to that way because i thought that it's important to help you understand the cranks and how we got to where we are and so one of the first questions be blast when they're trying to decide. I learn our show. I learnt python is. What's the difference between aren't python and you'll see a lot of post on stack overflow or different a message. Boards rented where people talk about What are the basic differences between these languages in wash use one versus the other and nobody comes to a clear consensus or a clear. Understanding the differences tried to do in the first chapter is just outline the history of the which is to give an idea about the different ethel's and how things work differently between the two languages so so are was there kind of at the very beginning of scientific computing in academia in the late seventies early eighties in bell. Laboratories was really developed as a programming language for doucet's analysis and within the book i call it a fubu language so who is a street where clothing company from new york. That I used to love when i was a teenager. And is it stands for four as by us. And i like this forest by his attitude is very much a four the community by the community. Kind kind of those in this very much. What are is right is forced decisions by statisticians in. It's just meant to just get statistics that get dot announces his work with down and just just get it done into program language in his own right. But it's first and foremost used for doing that. Analysis and that really shaped all of what kim afterwards in r. and python kind comes from a different direction python originated as a generalist polka me language to make just entry into programming easier with a nice syntax and An easier access to managing all kinds of different tools and system administration and building applications and web development so e cat. It's fingers everywhere. Generalist programming language and then came. That assigns later on so python. Wasn't that a science. I and programming second was kind of the other way

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