Lord Conrad Black: Joe Biden Is a Total Failure


Are back with lord. Conrad black the author of president trump. A president like no other latest piece in american greatness and greatness dot com posting right now. Joe biden is total. failure is the title little black. You go through toil doc. His on a it horizon full of the the incredible failures of just the last eight months. You start with stagflation which can kill the presidency. You talk about the crime rates in the us. The open artery of the southern border the disaster of ghanistan on and on and on. I let me let me ask you to put that onto historic perspective. How true is the old soul that it's the economy stupid that all of these things are true. The national security Ramifications and everything else but at the end of the day a president of any party is most vulnerable when it comes to wallets and pocketbooks that That has historically been the leading issue but of course at times other crises arise i in the eighteen sixty election which lincoln one. It wasn't the economy. Of course there was a terrible threat to national unity in one thousand. Nine hundred forty president roosevelt's third term. He ran even with his opponent. Wendell we'll be economy. But he led on foreign policy. But absolutely overriding concern of americans was how to stay out of war but helped the democracy. So we're app four british and canadians and and And roosevelt had you know all all each short of war and great arsenal of democracy and so on and that was a policy that people approved. But normally what you say is right. I mean obviously nothing affects people. I unless they been with really oppressed nothing effects more than than the standard of living the buying power in enjoy the stability of their assets and and And so it it. It is traditional biggest. The biggest factor and it is it is about to to assault this administration. I think

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