Everyone's Favorite Weatherman, Al Roker, Releases a New Book

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Longtime today. Show weatherman in co anchor. Al roker recently turned sixty seven but he shows no sign of slowing down. He was in new orleans covering hurricane ida this week and haters on twitter. Who said he was too old to be doing that kind of thing he had this to say on. Msnbc's the sunday show with jonathan kaye. Part screw you up up okay. Talker to them. I will drop them like a bag of dirt. That fighting spirit is all over l. Wrokers latest book along with a few life lessons. He's learned over four decades of telling us the weather. It's called you look so much better. In person. true stories of absurdity and success. I spoke with al roker about the book on skype when it was published in two thousand. Twenty as you right. You weren't always confident. Tv personality that we know now. In fact you were a nerdy highschool av club kind of guy and you write that while in college. You got your first job as a weekend weather forecaster in syracuse new york. And tell us the story from there by department chairman. Dr luo donald the late dr laura. Donald decided it worked at the station w. h. Anyway he put me up for the job and You know i went down. I did the audition and they said okay. We'll let you know. And i just kept calling the news director and back in the day. You gotta remember this. One thousand nine seventy four. There were actually switchboard. Operators and the switchboard operators name was rosy. And you got to the point where she knew my name. I kept calling to ask the news director. Well oh dear. He's not in right now but tell him he called and finally there's one time she put me through and he said look i i gotta get you off my ass. You've got the job. And i said okay. I didn't ask if one i started. What do i do yes. Yes yes and but that was my start in television.

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