Futbol Americas: The Impact of Pulisic's Absence With the USMNT



Pulisic despite clearing kobe protocols and training. Monday and tuesday in nashville did not travel to san salvador. He's gonna miss tonight's match as a result. Your member prolific announced. He tested positive for covert nineteen back on august eighteen then spent at least ten days in isolation so means he's staying back at the us camp in nashville to keep training ahead of sunday's qualifier against candidate. Here's from the coach. On the decision to leave pulisic behind we really didn't get to assess him In a proper way and seed his fitness levels the next couple of days. We'll be working with him to see you know to see exactly where he is. And we'll get a report when we get back you know are are more arguably our best. Best player can't participate. It's covert two weeks before he and he's out of Potential three games last played on august fourteenth in the premier league against crystal palace. Here we see a look at the. Us record without christian pulisic to be fair. They played a lot of games in recent memory without their star player. What's the impact specifically for the us. Her against greg called them their best player right debatable. It's i don't think it's debate. Christian pulisic is not only your best player he asks happens to be the symbol to all konkan calf for what is this new generation of stars. The man just want a championship title when you talk about the national team and how far they can go. The conversation starts and ends with christian pulisic so you don't have them for arguably the most important game of this atop the very first one because as we've seen in previous editions it doesn't matter what country you're if you start off on the wrong foot the us showed it lasts. Go around by losing. Well it puts you behind the eight ball. mexican dozen. Fourteen didn't get good results jamaica as setup that disastrous campaign and they went into the playoffs playing games so yes this is the ideal situation when your best player. Your symbol. The man who was the face of. Us soccer and the men's side can't play.

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