Smart Bathrooms: Are They a Smart Decision?

Double Tap Canada


You told me the other day the your bathroom. You're what do you call the restroom. Cova i have no my bathroom. Nassar bathroom exists. Yes yes right well in your master bathroom yes you've made it super smalls from my understanding. I may have got a little bit farther than i should have. Legal march japanese toilet I do japanese. It's a it's a canadian made. It's called lovie The toilet as you approach it. The seat will open no way allies. Swear it has remote control as a built-in Function which you heat of the heat of the water that speeds up your little touchy Control the intensity of the headwaters so you get a good cleaning it goes battled for all the crevices and you can also control the The extension and the position. that's the For the meal cleaning. Then there's the female cleaning hop today it's Then there's A fan that pulls out the air so that when you're doing something a little bit more odorous gets rid of that for us. It doesn't really comes with. Does that airlock does it. Yeah it's eco-friendly. When you flush it it does it. Expose water in very nicely. Keeps very little water What else does it have. A heated seat so keeps you nice and toasty nice. Yeah that's nice always good. You can control the heat of the seat as well and of course the water and everything else And that's about all that's all the toilet does. Oh that sounds amazing. Thing hang on more. Did i mention the shower. That is controlled by voice so mohan Which is very famous. Zooming of you know taps a system. Could you by mowing the letter. You and it's a whole shower systems in my shower. All you have got the rain shower thing and the handled telephone handle type thing. And i've got a little keypad like little keypad on there. And that keypad connects via wifi network. And there's an alexa skill for that and I can literally say Start my shower. Preset to whatever i do and it will turn on the right thing. It'll get the temperature and it keeps it at the proper temperature of the entire

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