New Zealand Company to Trial a Four-Day Week

The Pulse


Right now. A lot of employers are having a hard time finding staff. I'm seeing signs and ads. Promise bonuses for new employees all kinds of perks. Some economists argue that better working conditions could change the game higher wages good benefit packages and how about a shorter workweek for the same pay jets. Lehman has this profile of a new zealand company. That's trying that approach. Few months i've been giving whole question of of how we work quantities. Andrew barnes stood before an assembly of his employees and told them that starting in about a month everyone would work only four days a week instead of five and he'd keep paying everyone their full salary they'd keep all their benefits. You forte's week and you will be five q the balloon drop and confetti cannons right. You know the initial response from the company was not rapturous applause. It was shock and followed by nervous laughter. Because what was the catch. The had to be a catch. This was in two thousand eighteen. Before the pandemic ended the meaning of work for millions and andrews company perpetual guardian wasn't some plucky new startup out to disrupt and shake things up the two principal. Units of my business have been around since the eighties so we are very much old school and trust companies. Aw very stayed dull boring. Dependable businesses estate planning basically synonymous with stability continuity. Doing things the way they'd always been done andrews colleagues were skeptical of his plans to say the least girl italy every single person on my board every single member of the leadership team all four. It was not gonna work. And i was mad but andrew very conveniently owned a good chunk of the company.

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