Kabul Wasn't a Withdrawal, It Was a Retreat


I've been waiting all week for this. He is the vice president of the heritage foundation heritage dot. Org he is the man we go to for all matters national security and foreign policy. Jim califano welcome back to america. First you're on am. I know not live on national radio. America you have to actually here. So let's i think there's two big issues one is what they're gonna do next which is going to make things even worse in the white house and and the other is what we how we stop it okay so before we get to that for two days. Now i've been quoting. You'll tweet here on america. First very powerful super powerful visual tweet where you said. The compost wasn't a withdrawal. It was the result of contact with the enemy. Which means it's a retreat. Jim what write that what. So here's what happened. And i'm not nancy drew but i think and i even think on your show. People have unpack this understand. What's going on biden. Convinced himself that afghanistan was going to collapse. He so he had and so he grabbed gani. And he said you're going to cut a deal with the taliban and you're gonna turn the country over to the taliban and what you guys are going to do is let me leave first. And then the country's gonna collapse and it won't happen on my watch and it won't be fall and what happened is of course. The taliban were like well dude. If you just tell us you're leaving we're not gonna cut any deal and of course ghani got cold feet grabbed his suitcases and headed for the door. And then what biden did was just executed is planning precipitated. The collapse and then he put himself in a situation where where there was no escape. It's literally like dustin hoffman walks up to customer and says dude there's a million indians on the little bighorn don't go there and then custard charges anyway and and get surrounded by the by the indians and then he then he turns to the guy next. How could this possibly happen.

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