A highlight from After the Mississippi Raids

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Listener. It's muddy ena horsa right here. And i have a little message for you. So we here at latino. Usa have been closely following a story in mississippi for more than two years now. And it's a story that is very dear to my heart. It's about how a community in central mississippi is doing after the largest single state immigration raid in. Us history that took place in august of twenty nineteen just days after the massacre in paso texas. Next week we're going to bring you a special hour long update on mississippi and we're going to catch up with some familiar voices and introduce you to new people. We're gonna see what's changed. And what hasn't and we're going to dive deep into some of the racial history behind the poultry industry in the south for context. But before we bring you the new episode of reporting that we just did in mississippi. We're gonna share with you. Our original reporting and this aired a year after the mississippi rates. Thanks and keep listening stop. It's a monday in february of twenty twenty. Which means it's a couple of weeks before the corona virus outbreak is going to bring the nation

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