College Football Is a Red State Phenomenon


Morning glory america or high candidate hugh hewitt on tuesday. October fifth lied inside the beltway. Having good morning to you. I have a lot of the news for the rundown. But i have to tell you what i thought. Last night bet. I was listening to the college. Football enquirer which is a podcast recommended by duglery. So i thought. I'd listened to doug and his colleagues nathan and stephen do buckeye talk. Which is the best single program. Podcast in america covering the ohio state buckeyes. Doug recommended college. Football inquires listening to it in somewhere along the way in the course of that it occurred to me when they were going down the ap top twenty five college. Football is actually a red state deal. And i'm going to ask you about why one eight hundred five zero one two three four alabama number one red state georgia number two red state iowa number three red state penn state number four the red part of purple state cincinnati number five red state oklahoma number six red state ohio state number seven red state oregon number eight a blue state and falling michigan number. Nine that's the blue part of herbal state number ten. Byu is red number. Eleven michigan state is the red part of a purple state twelve oklahoma state. He's read arkansas. Thirteen is read. Notre dame at fourteen is in a red state coastal carolina's in a red state. Kentucky jenner red state at sixteen sippy at seventeen into the red state auburn eighteen red stayed in one thousand nineteen wake force in red state. Florida red-state number twenty twenty went texas red state twenty two arizona purple twenty-three north carolina state rad twenty four. Smu read twenty-five the only pure blue state san diego state at number twenty five so college. Football is now a red state phenomenon.

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