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Buddy jason here welcoming you to another exciting addition of the gb. I show gb. I of course short for what grade iron betting insights just like you all expected. You're on ats and tonight. We have special guest. The third special guests in the history of the gbi i shall. We got brian vivo. In the house brian. Our you doing this evening. J what is up. Man g. B i in the building. Year vivo building. This is to be a great show. Get it to go through some week for plays gonna talk about each team specifically and i believe this is the first time we've done any sort of actual content together. We've known each other for a little bit but Vicious is the first time doing a little bit content so can't wait for some great picks and some bad jokes very ready for act. That's right always got ready for the at jokes with me. Of course. Brian be greatest tech team. You could be shelled. Benjamin because he's way cooler than charlie haas. Samat all the wwe's tag-team allow that like you said this week we're gonna talk about nfl week four. We're gonna talk about thursday night football i. We will get through every single game on the schedule. Of course if you wanna weigh in on your thoughts from the betty markets on any of the games you hit a chat box twitter or youtube. Ellery watch the show. We certainly appreciate doing so people. It's always anytime time year. Let's get straight into thursday night football. Jacksonville jaguars seven point dogs on the road. Taking on the cincinnati bengals total set around forty six and trevor lawrence. To say the least vivo. He is not looked good. Do you think that continues tonight. Do you think that they get blown out. Do you think the bengals sprite. Anything happens you. I came to my mind when i looked at. This game is that this is a major emotional let for cincinnati coming off a big win at the rival steelers on a really match they dominate in for god knows how long now so when i look at that right away i think it cincinnati could come out a little bit flat specially off in that game but to your point on trevor lawrence. He has not look very good. He has thrown the most inspections in the nfl. So far this year of any places style that it you know if you're looking to make up points like if you wanna get back door. He's not a bad option for because they're not afraid. Eddie mair it out like you see a lotta rookie quarterback's they still only let them throw. Maybe twenty twenty times game. Trevor lawrence. He's capable of throwing it fifty times a game. Urban meyer doesn't have a problem letting it out. Letting him do that. And he's got a lot of great receivers out there with a dj chart. He's got the viscous chenault out there so it's not like he's got a shortage of weapons to do it. When i look at this game to mean screams a game that that back door could be creek it up. You can open a little bit towards the end especially for the jacksonville team. Net is now desperate for. Yeah this is another one of these thursday night games being talked about it last week. With shark on the gbi. Show here that it's a game. I'm glad is on thursday night. So i can watch the wnba playoffs instead. I have no interest in consuming this game in any form or fashion. And yeah i think you're right. The back door could be opened here. But i'm i'm afraid to get involved at all especially with the jacksonville defense. Being the way it is here. Yes i agree. it's a letdown spot potentially for the bengals but the jaguars are allowing yard and a half more per. Play the season angles. And yes you can compare the opponents and all that they played. Kyle mary last week. Which is always gonna wrap your yards per play loud. But this jack's defense is bad and they're being put into bad situations by warren's seven interception so far this season for lawrence only zach wilson. Has that many as well. No other quarterback league more than four. So i'm going to happily go sit the escape out a back door open. I do not wanna. I don't wanna jiggle handle. That's my blast sophy king. I think the owner could be a decent spot here considering back as you mentioned the jags defense. Not very good We seem primetime games. This year hidden over at an astronomical rape this year. And i really liked the way. The bengals progressing. Joe boroughs gaining a regaining. Chemistry with lsu tiger team may jomar chase and the fact that lawrence continues to put them in bad situations where given the bengals short fields. I think you're gonna see jacksonville playing a little bit of catch-up especially in the middle later parts of the game which could result in more More opportunities the bengals scoreboard. Also more opportunity for jacksonville to really take some risks and push the ball down the field which usually equals point one way or another so over six not terribly you know. I looked this game before the season started. And i adopted. Potentially the bus bowl tween borough and trevor lawrence. I am obligated now to admit that Joe borough does not fall into the bus category at this time has been playing very well and i regret the error as last season. All over. the. Joe borough is a bus train before he got hurt so Just to just to set the record straight just to be transparent here. I was wrong about joe for us. Now bebo let's move onto the sunday slate and just try and move this jacksonville. Cincinnati situation out of our memory entirely. Let's bow to the washington football team. A one point favorite taking on the atlanta falcons total forty seven and a half. Washington has been brutal defensively. So far this the falcons. They've kinda took turns struggling on each side of the ball throughout the year. Which side do you think comes out on top of this. I think is a game that As you mentioned the washington football team has played very subpar They had they tough one. Losing patrick in week one With against the chargers and since then they really haven't really establish stat chemistry in that. Good play under taylor. Heineke a very fortunate to not have a waiting period season Especially with that Against the new york giants with the offsides dexter lawrence. I do think though the with the way the books are looking at this. This is a one point. Spread with the teen of probably. Shouldn't have a win against a team. Who was probably by most accounts going to be a bottom by team in the nfl this year. In the atlanta falcons especially math matt ryan regressing losing. Julio jones favorite target

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