A highlight from The GBI Show - NFL Week 3 Betting Picks


I've been official on that but we're talking. Nfl talking wait through. You're talking to full car a huge game. Of course no bye weeks for a few months and tell me where do you begin. Yes sharking we will get into that a thursday night debacle that you mentioned you mentioned. It's thirsty thursday. I it is a good thing Drink to get through that thursday night football game or you can do it. I'm going to just. I'm just gonna watch the wnba playoffs because me the wnba playoffs. Give me a reggae oglala over davis mills any day of the week. That's what i always say you're the house household so we'll get to that game in just a second. We will get to the rest of week. Three in just a second. But i i would like to remind you all if you are watching live. You got the live chat. Youtube twitter get involved. You're compassi little graphic on the bottom of the screen. There folks that could be. You could have your name and your heartache right there if you hit us up throughout the show so do not hesitate to do that now. Sharking let's get into it. We will start with thursday night football panthers eight and a half point favorites taking up the houston texans. Total ehlo forty three. And there's a reason it is. Low is because davis mills is going to be the quarterback of the houston. Texans of course. Raw taylor not taking part we all know why to sean. What part is expected to be ugly. What do you think. While a record. All day. And i am behind the texans. I'm on the taxes for one thing. The reason this is pretty much the dictionary definition in my opinion of a trap game carolina done there to enough straight up on the campaign their tuna eighth. Yes into paul robinson environments at ala division spot at home versus a very lacklustre jets team is famous and the other side divisional gamma revenge as a dog. So the dog at home in the division also a favorite outside of division. Now go on the road outside of the vision on a short week and in the next game they play at dallas followed up at philly. If you look at five games to start the season this is the third out of five so is literally a sandwich but this is the definition of a trap game the other side of it also to not in your age. Yes would be the texans of at some point loss at the browns last week which i did not have correctly. But i do think if you're gonna compare to. Ats versus to ats. The down would come from the carolina team as opposed to texas urging. The texans coming home often double digit loss. Probably more fired up. Obviously there's no out at stanford not much will say there. I'm trusting just a general environmental analysis of the jet. Yeah and this is a situation for me. Where i'm not on the game myself like i said i would rather watch. Wnba than watch the panthers and the texans on thursday night. That's just me but when it comes to this game this is the textbook situation. This'll be a theme for me tonight. Where you're betting numbers and not teams in the nfl. Right because the houston texans. Not a team that we thought was going to be any good this year. One on one. The win came against jacksonville. We're not gonna put a lot of stock into that but as you mention to an ats. They respectable for a lot of that game. Against the cleveland browns. And it's as you said you talk about a trap if something seems to obvious in the world of nfl betting it probably is right. We're all sitting here thinking. Oh the panthers. Look so good against jameis winston the saints.

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