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Goings on in the greater metropolitan area on the government. Distillery the friday packet shit. It was a long time ago. We start twenty third of august man over a month. Well that map August twenty third would have been We're talking about assessments us. What are on street streets. You know we're talking a little frankie. Yeah the with unreasonable suggestion to make things a lot more simply by net zero suggestion by a labor by thousands of percent. What's funny about assessments. Then learn about The motivated addictions alternative program billings police department and the community sobering house center. Also reserve discuss that idea learn some legislation history there. We can talk about how there's no public intoxication law. Sure we talk. We talk with frankness about What he thinks human urine does psyche of people absolutely threatening threatening urine. yep We talk about a busted. Sewer busted remain on the heights their savior. You're shitting into toilet and you live in. Let's say on governors boulevard. Guess what no spoilers. Oh sorry there was a concert In out back in august as well that may be upset some neighbors but did not upset. The owner said person the money on it. I can't imagine who else maybe she did. You learn about that. Some fresh tracks dropped. Sure get to sample a banger. Sure you get talk about federal things where human beings live. A- sovereign people on the land. Just hold on and you're gonna listen to begin here about a federal land thing. Federal land thing and in a quote as always on the show you get to learn about We'd stuff that happens with the issue of the day. The twenty eighth of september two thousand and twenty one. I thought it was twenty. Two thousand twenty for a good portion of the week it's newsday but it feels like it. It feels like a good portion of what is happening. This year happened last year. I feel like i'm living in a time suck. Yeah that's okay okay. You can take as many chances as you need to do it right right. I watched event horizon for the first time in a while i was. There's there's some parallels there so scary it is kinda scary. It's one of those it's early. It's the walmart of aliens is okay. You know it's got that feel but not as good sure stories better. Maybe not much. We'd just ride nico- tales. He i think some of that money. Yeah samuelson it. Well you go wrong. No can't regardless of the date. You know what it is. This is the friday packet was talking. Stout are are delicious and predictable. One month behind ketchup episode are once a month episode. I think is settling into it. I mean we'll do. We'll do a couple if we get a wild hair or aspen. I think you know the ones that month is kind of a nice thing. I mean we're not an everyday thing 'cause you know what would require to to make that possible take a lot of man hours and time and we don't have that that'd be real if i had to think about this that we'd have to hire at least two more. Pa's sound engineer on top of the six that we already have in. That's right associate coordinator. I mean who wants who wants to do that. Peo peo there. You go This is a podcast of your new show. If you're a new to downloading if you press the button and you're like is this. This is a show about local billings politics. Here in the city of billings montana. Where i'm coming from my phone. It's your phone grabs it coming out on my phone. Just listen carefully. there's gonna be some swear words they're gonna be some we talk about billing city council and what goes on What what is the billing city council you ask. That's that's another good valid. Good question there Listener we'll get into that later. Yeah there is. It's an eleven board or eleven person member slash board basically volunteer people who get run. There are five words in the city. Two representatives per ward. And then you've got the mayor there up top plus mayor plus one mayor mayor pro. Tem vice mayor. Pro tem etcetera. So he got mayor bill. As the mayor. Mike jackovitch as the mayor pro tem and represent him from one cisco through and kendra. Shaw is the other representative war to. That's exactly right out to the heights. And he got a roy. Walt and frankness more to aachen nailed it. There we go off to war three three midtown area who man. We're at the top of the table or at the peak and right on the east side of the mayor and brad left and right high hand in the mayor and on the right hand. he's got danny cherokee his right hander. Our right hand his right hand hocus stage up and on the left hand side. You've got denise joy that's exactly right keep going on to ward for you got penny or no before penny. We've got a friend of the show longtime listener. Never time calling so far pam pearson. Our fingers are crossed. The gonna give us a call one of these days though to the right of if you're going across the counselor you got to penny ronning running and he and then keep on going down. You've got yourself. Mike bull yet and word five. Mikey and mike brown or not mike. Brown john sean brown. What is it like all the way the in protecting the whole group of them he does he. You won't get any of those people you gotta go through sean brown i. That's true. he's a man of few words you want to

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