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It's one of those days and lisa hasn't been sleeping a whole lot these days because some poor personal choices and and she's she's paying the price and it's i speak of her third person so that i as actually said do not feel myself blaming myself for my own actions well will isn't the consequences of what my own decision yes I spent several days fucking around. And now i am finding out. We all do friend. This happens to us all your sometimes. You think you are invincible on the weekend then you try to also weekend on monday and then tuesday calms tuesday's like no bitch ready to learn learn. Something today is like excuse. You grown adult. You got by on caffeine and sugar on monday and now it's hitting on tuesday right right. So that's how i am hurry. You doing car and the listeners will find out that. I may be the problem and the drama because i was sharing some journalism woes with lisa earlier on prior to recording. I've just gone head to head with a number of people lately where they did some yelling and i may have done some yelling back i look. I look mild-mannered right. I don't know if that's part of the problem first of all. I think there's a lot that can be solved with yelling. I think it's underrated as a conflict resolution tool Also you even though you probably wouldn't claim to be in most conditions. I would like to argue that you are southern and so you are cool. Cool cool until you are. Not that is the truth. You are correct. And i would like to say yesterday. I really felt like yelling. Be better at your job. And i did not Look at that restraint. I felt like maybe burn her couch down. But i did not. So really. this is about just congratulating me on just being so saintly that's that's really what it's about instead of burning this person's couch did you call them a sweet summer child. I didn't even get to that point. You know if. I'm calling you a sweet summer child. We have crossed into an arena. Yeah yeah it's that. I call you dusty. That's when you know shits should go. Yeah i did say are the tenets of journalism unknown to you. Oh my god you seriously say that. I love you. Don't like my love for you. Grows each day. I feel that emma. Hart thank you lisa that. Thank you for seeing me today. But anyway that's work stuff. Let's talk about fashion fun stuff. Okay tell us tell us everything. I love this story. I'm so excited we're talking about this clinic. Can't keep its black honey lipstick in stock. I knew this. Because i tried to get it. This impacted your life. Recently purse like three days ago on ulta dot com. Yes so go. Tell me about it. Part of the reason why this is interesting is is because this lipstick has been around forever. Clinics black honey lipstick was launched in one thousand nine hundred seventy one. I used to wear this in the ninety. I wasn't allowed to rooms in the nineties inside clinic. It is referred to as a black turtleneck for the lips. Meaning that anybody can wear it. It's a basic. It looks great on everybody. It will always be appropriate. The magic of this lipstick shade is that it works on every skin. Tone there's something about it that it just looks. Great not too flashy not too subtle is right in that sweet spot and now it sold out. A big o's of talk people started talking about how great it is on the platform a number of weeks ago and it started going viral like a lot of people started discussing this lipstick. The black honey hashtag has a combined total of over thirty six million tick tock views. God clinic now has a wait list for the lipstick and on its website it says quote clinics number one lip phenomenon is a tick toxin station. They're hopping on that market anglade. They are really positioning themselves as less so it sells for twenty dollars. There are some dupes out there that people kinda say hey. This is in the ballpark. One is the black cherry lipstick from l. It's five bucks and take talk has been doing this thing where some products can really take off. This happened with a number of products including sarah v. Got a huge bump. It was kind of this brand. I was kind of homeowner along and doing okay. And then it went nuts because some people that are influential started talking about it on talk that it can be a way to revitalize a brand revitalize a company. It's awesome when it happens and it benefits. Everybody but what do you think about this lipstick being around and seeing this huge surge of interest. So as i said. I was on a couple of days ago. And i i have forgotten something that i meant to order from alta and i said oh i'll just put in a second order in like get something else to make it worth the shipping and i have been thinking about a lipton because i haven't wearing my mask more often taking some more like a ride share and that doesn't really work lipstick. Eyewear honestly with the masks. So i was like. Oh maybe i'll get something. That's a little more subdued and went on to and like searched lip ten. And then i was like hold on a second. I've been hearing a little bit about black honey here and there let me try to get that and it was like bitches sold out so i get it and i totally get the tech talk influence. Because that's how. I got into sarabi products this time last year. Like this is not to say that i am gullible. It is to say that. If i see and hear enough people talking about the same product. I'm going to start wondering what they all have in common right. It makes me start trusting a product. When i see it from people of different backgrounds. Different skin tones. Different styles gravitating towards the same product or the same collection of products. Good on clinic for like hitting that like fifth or sixth wave of popularity. I don't think you needed a call out that you're famous. That's like That's like if i announce that i'm popular with like ten year olds like kids. Guess what little fellow teriyaki's dickey takis. Yes gets your foul. We're on the ticky. Hey but i really wish that supply chains running a bit more smoothly right now. Because i would love to get. I've never tried this lipstick before. I really feel like i need it in my life. It's worth it. I mean. I don't think a holy grail product meaning. It's the one you're going to use forever and ever but it's a great option to have in your makeup bag. Where if you just want something. You want a little pop of color. It's it's never going down. It's one of those. Let me look. I'm gonna say it out loud if you have a spirit tube of this happen to work in a cosmetic shop where they have it and let me know. I'll send you money and you can send it to me i will. I'll do that. Trade i will look at this. Look i've been on the show long enough. That when i want something i just ask for it. Okay really the slow con of this podcast. Is lisa just crowd. Sources beauty and fashion answers. That's really what's happening.

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