Veterans at Revolutionary battlefield dig find camaraderie


Military veterans who carefully dug and sifted through clumps of dirt and a revolutionary war battlefield in New York did more than uncover artifacts army veteran Bjorn Brookshaw loves history and is part of a three person team looking for evidence from the tight turning second battle of Saratoga absolutely like I said in his revolutionary war history fan so to know that you know the British forces were here instead I'm standing right where they were fighting back and forth is our makes me giddy I guess you can say Brookshaw was injured in a roadside bombing in Iraq anybody who suffers PTSD and TBI or whose newer self or any form of disability from the military is always going to continue to transition because you always have that in the back your mind Stephen Humphreys is founder of the American veterans archaeological recovery we really want to focus more on the abilities of our veterans rather than the disabilities we've seen that veterans are actually very good and archaeology when they're properly trained the team is looking for artifacts fired from muskets and cannons I'm a Donahue

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