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Thank you for joining us. Great to be with you marjorie. And hello jared so trains as you just heard on the news and and it's been reported on morning the. The fda is finally approved the pfizer vaccine. A emergency thing is over full approval. See this making much of difference here in massachusetts. Well i think that the good news in massachusetts is it so many people are vaccinated. And they've taken that really seriously. I think that this now Action by the fda is important and hopefully it will. It will result in more people who have not become vaccinated because they were concerned about the emergency use authorization now taking the step it having been formally approved by the fda to get themselves vaccinated so the state governor baker last week of course announced that he requiring that all state employees be vaccinated without the additional requirement that other others have instituted which is off. The alternative is weekly testing or something of that nature. You've also done the same. You had done the same for your office. But i think first of all. What message does that send. I think i still cure conversation where people wonder illegality of requiring vaccine mandates in places of employment and they're already conversations about potential lawsuits based on the governor's announcement. You know for me what it comes down to is making sure that as a state. We're doing everything possible to get people. Vaccinated to prevent further risk of the virus. We've seen what's happened with delta. We've seen The the increase in rates around the country. And i'm glad the governor to step last week to require vaccines for state employees. It's the right move. It's something that i did a few weeks ago in terms of legality. It's it's absolutely legal in my view. we've accommodated and will accommodate anything related to a inappropriate medical A religious accommodation But you know this is about making sure that that we are doing what we need to do. Especially when it comes to our young people right now you know kids under twelve aren't vaccinated and so we need to make sure that we're doing what we need to do. And i think this is responsible. I think it's appropriate. And i think that it's going to help us get back to where we to be. Everybody wants to be back to sort of business as usual and being able to to come and go about freely and certainly we wanna have kids in school and we get there sooner if more people are vaccinated. And that's why. I think it's entirely appropriate. What the governor did talking to a tornado. Elmore healy will open the in. Just a second eight seven seven three. Oh one eight nine seven over a couple more quick things on vaccines attorney. General healy. is you know the the the there's been a lot of parents get these constant emails And from parents worried about as you pointed out kids younger kids or not eligible to get vaccinated yet. So they'll be six seventy a little kids going to school without vaccinations and they have called on governor baker some of them anyway to have a mass mandate you think we should have mass mandate in the schools in massachusetts. I do i do. And you know a couple of things marjorie. First of all. I encourage all parents have their children who were twelve and an older to get vaccinated as soon as possible. It seems to me we should be doing everything become to educate encourage to incentivize young people to get the vaccine if they are eligible and then for kids under twelve.

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