The Difference Between Keywords and Topics With MarketMuse Co-Founder Jeff Coyle


Talk to me a little bit about the the difference between keywords topics and wire breath depth important in the both of those or so. A topic is more like a concept so it can be an entity. It's a group of concepts and a keyword will typically live inside that pool of topics right so good way to think about a somewhat higher. But i like to connect key words to intent as well in addition to talking about topics keywords so semantic relatedness typically relates to the saying if you are going to cover this one topic. It's highly likely or these are other related topics to that core topic and keywords can live at it within those like. I always joke around. It's like there's keywords that a live within a topic it's the square rectangle thing. There's sometimes you don't know the difference between a keyword as how great Approach all of those things similarly to say. I want to cover this really well. I want to achieve goals for the user. That i'm gonna write against and if i'm going to build on a topic that is general right. I one hundred. Are there different meanings for this specific topic. How fractured is the specific topic for intense. So if people are searching for this specific topic are they at different stages of the funnel that's intent fracture but they also could be meaning descended. Uation i mean right. So if it's an acronym if somebody's typing in crm a might be talking about customer like you should management. That might be talking about you. Know some other for that thing in your case. When you're talking about ben shapiro versus benjamin shapiro. We're talking about two person entities. That have different needs right so it's a little bit different there but the topics that you cover you wanna be covering them so that it tells the story that you actually know what you're talking about so you have all the intense covers. You have all those keyword variants covered. But you're telling that story the same way

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