Interview With Ryan Star, CEO of Stationhead


Ryan style. Welcome to the voice podcast. Thanks for having me okay. So you're recording artist. How did we get here. Why are you on the voice by podcast. Jump right in that fitting on the voice fought. Podcast might might earliest memory of how i would have gotten here a started with my voice. It's the most degrade say that. I remember memories memory. Strike me one would be like you know. Thirteen years old sitting down with guitar Knowing records and using my voice the voice was there to dream to inspire. You know a world of people that that through music and songs the way the way. My heroes has fired me to do that. Thing right like a very star the voice at the same time at that age. My mother environmental was taking me around town Beginning townhall in my local community. Things like that to get recycling for the school districts and bish again understood the power of voice and actually. I'm assuming that the voice. Maybe other generations grew up believing in more but i grew up in who cares nineties grunge generation and i felt like i was the only kid thought. Not one voice can change the world. I really carry that. My whole life especially artistically. When one day radio found me made me. I got a call on a z. One hundred the morning zoo radio contest. Night i fifteen years old or sixteen years old going into senior year of high school elvis durant famous damon voice and bon. Jovi called me on air and announced that. I'd be opening for them jones beach where i grew

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