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75 is really beginning to bog down between Kyle's in the Brent Spence Bridge. I also Heard a dispatch for an accident near 12 Street. I'm checking into that. But you've got at least a 25 minute delay coming into town before the wreck North bound 4 71 that's getting close to a 10 minute delay between South Gate in downtown crews continue to work with the wreck on South found 2 75. That's below 74 South 75. There's brake lights in and out of lock one for an extra five. Chuck Ingram, NewsRadio 700 wlw. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced industry whether center are you afraid of the dentist at advanced industry? We get it to learn more about how I V sedation can change your life visit no fear. Dentist dot com. It's fuck advisory through the tri state this morning about nine sunshine after that, with a high of 86. It is 80 or 69 degrees. Right now. Catholic school kids and all the Kentucky no longer being required to wear Mass, even though Governor of Kentucky ordered that a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order that stops the mandate from being enforced in the Diocese of Covington, avoid North 71 75 at the Brent Spence Bridge overnight tonight, cruise repainting the bridge will change the lane configurations once again to accommodate their work. It means the highway will be down to one lane starting at 10 o'clock this evening. At that time access to North 75 will be blocked off as well. Once the work is done on North 70 five's access ramp to block access to North 71. By Monday morning, two westernmost lanes will be the only ones open. Coming North Nancy Wood with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet updates on the work with Scott Sloan this morning at 11 06. Stopping traffic to make sure drivers haven't been drinking. Ohio State Highway Patrol is planning an obeah checkpoint tonight in Washington Court House will stop cars between nine and 11 on us 62 Near Lincoln Drive. Work continues to get Americans out of Afghanistan. The collapse of the government following the pullout of U. S forces came more quickly than the Biden administration anticipated. Now the

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