A highlight from Chriselle Lim on Finding Inspiration, Saying No & Helping Parents with Bmo

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Hey guys. I'm whitney port and this with with a lot of you may know me from reality. Tv and the reality is a lot's happened since the hills with the which is dedicated to having real raw and occasionally ridiculous conversations with the people who have had a profound impact on me life changing life changing people because on with web very little off limits. i'm so grateful to be connected with so many empowering and talented women this industry. I i went into this podcast interview feeling overwhelmed and really ready for my vacation last week. I know that sounds brady. But it's true. And i always want to be real with you however i walked away so inspired and driven to make adjustments in daily work and personal life l. Limb is considered one of the pioneers and digital fashion content. Starting her youtube channel and website there chris. l. factor in two thousand eleven from her college dorm room. We talk about the reality that creating unique content every day is a lot to ask and we need to be okay with the fact that there are lulls and inspiration. Additionally discussed the power of slowing down not being reactionary and saying no to the constant ads from others. Chris sale is also the co founder of boom. Oh which is an early childhood education platform she is passionate about finding a modern solution for millennial parents and specifically working mothers during the pandemic she started bouma brain helping parents educate their children virtually in the pandemic. I really actually wanna start from the beginning with you. Because i even need a little bit of a refresh. I just want to hear a little bit about your background and like your styling background. And what made you really get into the digital space. Yes so. I started off in college just with this immense interest Fashion but fun story. I actually was studying accounting. Which was something that. I never thought i would do. But i honestly had no idea what i want to do for my future and my mom was like look. Your cousin is an accountant. He has a great stable a job now now as their whole thing back then right. It's like as long as it's stable than it's good and shows like you should just accounting. I was like i'm good at math. So yeah let's do it. So i started going to cowboy pomona for accounting and then i realized that there was a small program in agriculture For some reason. I somehow discover that it was linked to fashion because of textiles and fabrics. And all of that and so i became very fascinated by that and so i took one class and then i realized why people are actually doing fashion for a living like this is their job and radio. That is actually how it all started for me. I then dropped out of cal poly and then went to fit them. Because i knew that. I wanted to fashion. And this is like pre this pre twitter pre facebook any about and so i was just you know and as you know it like fashion back then was only for the people that really was kind of in it already and it was industry exactly exactly so. I just didn't understand how i was able to get my foot into the door so once i moved to l. Started going to them. I got these internships. And then i was exposed to stylus because i was working at a pr company and a lot of stylus would come by. And i i hated pr. Like i was horrible at it. And i wouldn't be so bad. I mean i worked at people's revolution with kelly. Intro and i was always like i feel like i should do this in order to get the experience but i don't know i always felt like. Pr was sort of like a salesperson. And i just feel like. I'm the worst salesperson so it was hard for me but say yet it. Yeah an idea. Remember watching you when you're working at the pierre company for show this cool but you know obviously when you're watching it for a tv show. It's completely different when you're experiencing totally so once i started experiencing and i was like i don't know if this is for me but then i heard a lot of stylus and became close to one of them. Her name is tania. Gill who i eventually. And that being coming her assistant and she was styling a lot of a-list celebrities back then on the red carpet and that was my first exposure to celebrity. Styling and i had no idea that celebrities even had stylists. Like i come from a small town i was like what they don't get up and just get dressed themselves like this early mind-blowing to me so i know crazy to think i i think you didn't really realize how much actually went into it. You know the the like everyday person not necessarily in the fashion industry just would not know the art and like the eye that it takes to put that altogether right. Did i understand that. It was an actual business plan after my internship with carla otto this pr company. I went on to assist tanya. 'cause i built up a good relationship with her and i just started working for her for a few years and then just loved that like absolutely love everything about styling. I love like Putting the looks together. But i also love like the logistics of schlepping. And that whole even though it wasn't it wasn't glamorous there are something so gratifying at the end. Which is the result that you can write And so i just love the whole process. And i i was selling for a long time and then i got a position at a company called john luxe magazine.

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