De Grasse of Canada Wins Gold in 200 Meters


Canada's Andre de Grasse who was the runner up to St Paul five years ago a real run to gold in a time of nineteen point six two seconds the US right behind the grass to country silver and bronze can you but never got the silver in a time of nineteen point six eight seconds a dot I almost had it but it just little bit out of reach now but it was a tight race and I got a personal best out of this race and you know silver medal and I'm just happy with my performance no one miles in his Olympic debut claimed bronze in nineteen point seven four seconds all the track Courtney Frerichs of the US led until the final lap in the women's three thousand meter steeplechase finishing with the silver medal US women's basketball on to the semifinals after a seventy nine fifty five win over Australia USA baseball into the final four following a three one win over the Dominican Republic and Richard torrents of the U. S. is it best to the gold medal belt in boxing super heavyweight division I drove under it

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