Gun Violence in America: Defining the Problem


It's happening all over and all too often. America struggles to emerge from one pandemic. The nation is besieged by another. We got stopped at once in college. We got a mail shot down. get down. The country tries to recover from kobe. Nineteen with it's unfair burdens and incomprehensible death toll and is thickened new by gun violence with it's unfair burdens and ever growing death toll. Taking their knives he had shot and killed of my son. And my daughter police say the increase in shootings is much of the time due to urban gangs but there are also variants involving warring drug traffickers mass shootings domestic violence and suicide. All of it experts say fueled by the health and economic strains wrought by cova nineteen and powered by the uniquely american affinity for an access to guns joke when i ran crime. Strategies can't shoot somebody without a gun as the police commissioner in new york city identify. Who's carrying guns. The going out there making the arrests taking the gun off the street is great but really what we need. Is we need the individual carrying a gun district and yet guns proliferate with consequences for a cross section of american families. My name is crystal turner. I currently reside in jacksonville florida. And i'm speaking with you erin today because unfortunately two of my biological children My twenty nine year old daughter and my twenty three year old son the at that time both murder together. to of crystal turner's grown children were victims of a shooting in columbus. Ohio fueled by domestic violence. Her daughter genera had filed for divorce from roy. Harveson who then came to the parking lot of the daycare center. She founded and ambushed her and her brother at lunchtime on at twelve noon. There were twenty two rounds. That were found. A lot of couples have job stress. Childcare stress with postpartum the difference here was a gun yes access to again roy. Harveson is now serving a life sentence

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