A Supply Shortage in Programmatic CTV

The Big Story


So tony and i have both been checking out the lympics and talking about it all day on slack. Just kidding just a little bit. I'm a huge olympic span myself. I live for those every two years. I've got senior sail over me So what's the experience for. you will admittedly. I'm not a big olympics watcher. In a heaven. Tiny i know but but i was really was really interested in checking out surfing this year because it was the time it you know. It was as an olympic sport. But i was watching it mainly on nbc in usa and then it would like check peacock for the recaps mainly So it was cool. Like peacock was cool in the sense that they really recaps. That were no more than five minutes. But if you wanted to watch. Like if. I wanted to watch chris. More like the entire like final. You had to subscribe to premium and that was awesome because she won the gold for the usa in in surfing and then on linear. Like i just happen to turn on nbc. And i caught simone biles and went down with the olympics team which just turned out to be one of the more dramatic things during the game.

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