Simone Biles to Make Olympic Comeback by Competing in Remaining Final


At the Olympic, citing her mental health US As team says Simone Biles will return tomorrow to take part in the balance beam. Correspondent Steve Futterman is in Tokyo after declining to take part first in the overall competition. Then in the vault and even bars and finally, floor exercise. This was Simone Biles last chance to compete here in Tokyo. And quite frankly, I think she's surprised many people by announcing she will compete in this final event. The balance beam in women's gymnastics team mates. Uneasily, who won gold in the all around last week, will also compete on the beam. Late last week, files posted about the fear that led her to withdraw. She detailed a case of twist ease on the vault to term used when gymnast lose their sense of air awareness, Biles explained. She doesn't trust herself as much as she used to. CBS News Special Report. I'm Deborah Rodriguez

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