A highlight from GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 971: Now That Free Agency Chaos Is Settled, Who Made The Best Moves?


Your host for today's show noah dunlap hope all of you have had fantastic weeks finally friday leading into the weekend. I think we're all you know happy about that. Hopefully you are able to relax this weekend but first before we get there one more episode where we talked about nothing but sports so for today's episode. I'm going to start by talking. Nba free agency The madness has finally calmed down. Just a little bit there. I know on the show. I think it was tuesday. I broke down some of the rumors that we were hearing before free agency actually started So now that we have actually seen moves be made. I wanna talk about everything. We know based on the moves that have been made in. Nba free agency twenty twenty one Also going to touch on carson wentz being injured yet again this time. The newly acquired indianapolis colts quarterback is out for five to twelve weeks with a. I think it's a left foot injury up. Believe it is going to talk about that what that means for the indianapolis colts and de future of carson wentz in terms of his career gonna talk team. Usa men's basketball advancing to the gold medal game as they knocked off australia in relatively easy fashion in the olympic semi-finals gonna talk about their chances to win gold despite the sluggish start that they had with their pre-olympics exhibition games that they played that they looked rough in no spent a lot of time talking about that so now the fact that they are playing in the gold medal game. Good if you're a. Us basketball fan props to them And then going to wrap up the show with our weekly best worse segment where i simply breakdown the best and worst sports stories that i've seen from the prior week so all of that is coming up later on in the show but i what have we seen with. Mba free agency at this point so far If you recall back to the show on tuesday if you listen to it hopefully you did I talked about the reports that chris paul was looking at declining his player. Option with the phoenix suns. For this year but was still planning on resigning with phoenix. That is precisely what happened as he turned down player. Option for twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty two That was set to pay him up. Believe the number was right at forty million dollars a year and instead he signed a believe the new deal he signed with phoenix is four years and one hundred twenty million so what that means is number. One chris paul. Who's going to be forty years old when this new deal expires. Way too old to be paying. Chris paul this much money when he is forty but nonetheless on the front end. This is a good move on his part as instead of the forty two forty four that he was going to be paid. He's now only making thirty million dollars a year. What that does is free up. Ten plus million dollars that phoenix can go out and try to add a role player of some sort that can potentially help them get over the hurdle and potentially win a title. I mean we all saw them. I think a lot of people thought they should have won the title this year. They kinda choked. They kind of collapsed down the stretch in the nba finals. And you just got beat by a jaanus lead bucks team. That i mean jaanus looked like he was on a mission late in the nba finals. So maybe the fact that chris paul has now decided to take less. Money is actually a good thing for phoenix. I think it will be. I think this is the right. Move so props to chris paul on that end Other moves that we saw. Kyle lowry is in fact. Headed to the miami heat. The miami heat traded four kyle lowry. I didn't really mince. Words on tuesday's show when i discussed the reports that were out that miami was looking at making this move and my opinion hasn't changed. I think this is a terrible move from the miami heat to me kyle. Lowry is not as good of a basketball player. As chris. paul is even at this point in his career. he just isn't and miami just gave away pieces to bring in. A guy who i think is worse than chris paul. Who is going to be making the same amount of money that chris. Paul has making flowers. New deal is paying him thirty million a year. There's not a chance in the world. I would give kyle lowry thirty million dollars a year to me. He isn't worth it. He's too inconsistent. Good games he might be worth it but too many times he kind of disappears when you really need them so to me. This is a terrible move from the miami heat. Certainly don't like this by any means just like us at. I spent enough time on that. Move on tuesday. Show not gonna spend too much time there. Because like i said my opinion on that matter has not changed at all. I don't think this makes miami a better basketball team. In fact i think it makes them a worst basketball team. We're gonna talk about it One move that. I did like that. Miami mate duncan robinson signing with the miami heat signing an extension debt is a ninety million dollar contract Gotta love this story if you're an nba fan or

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