Episode 52 My Relationship with Abortion and Planned Parenthood - burst 02


Is gaping as a gaping hole in it. But that's not. That's not what we're here to talk about right now That's a different episode that we will cover at some point. Do not fear it really. It really affects those those socioeconomic groups and minorities allot those are the chew food groups. I guess that it will affect the most and who hot button issues. yeah so i was. I was about twenty. When i found out that i was pregnant. And i didn't find out that i was pregnant until the second trimester now. This is not true for every woman that gets pregnant. This is just happened to be true for me When i was pregnant the first time. I didn't show very much. I didn't it just kind of looked like i was getting a little bit of weight but i wasn't showing like my belly. Wasn't you know huge. I wasn't. I was definitely like eating more and iras lake more hungry I don't remember having any like weird cravings or anything like that My weight has always been like a really big issue for me We'll talk about that on a future episode as well but it never like it. Wasn't plainly obvious that i was pregnant. it definitely just looked like i had been you know gaining some weight which was normal. I later found out which is normal for For me my mom when she was pregnant with me Because i'm the oldest. She found out she notoriously has said that people asked her you know. Are you sure you're pregnant. Because she wasn't showing she just wasn't showing and i have met many many many other women who have had that same experience where you know your pants just kind of fit a little bit tighter and you feel like you're just kinda gaining weight. You're not you don't really know like unless you have a reason to now Or to suspect that that could be the case that you could be pregnant. You don't it's just not like plainly obvious. Let's just not something that you do and i especially. It didn't really occur to me to think that i was pregnant. Because i was on birth control I was taking the pill at the time. Ever this view. The don't know about the pill. I am not a huge advocate for the pill just because of my own personal experience of the pill You have to take it like every single day like at the same time every single day. And it kind of renders the birth control useless. If you like skip a day or you like don't take it at the same time and i was.

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