The Hunter Biden E-Mail Coverup Is the Clearest Evidence Yet of Media Corruption


Im in houston texas about three hours away near the campus of a very very left wing. University of texas in austin is our friend. Katie mcfarland former deputy national security adviser. She's in the lone star state to talking forget. Her book is revolution trump washington. We the people all right. Kt there's a lot to cover today. You ready ready to buckle up. I'm reading all right story out. Hunter biden emails. They looked to be authentic Legit i guess for two million dollars you could have hunter biden moolah as people trying to unfreeze freeze libyan assets. This is very dangerous. The white house is for sale. We know that. Kim your take on that and then what other black males floating around around there. Yeah i'm not surprised at this story. I think a lotta people for a long time. If now that the biden inc was a pay to play scheme whether it was with ukraine weather was with russians whether it was you know chinese anybody. That was the way you got access to. Joe biden vice-president and probably way to get access to him as president is to pay the family to get married. Get something what has always upset me about. This is why the media crush the story so the new york post had. The story had a laptop have the emails and in trying to report it the rest of the media crush them in fact the social media twitter banned the new york post the oldest newspaper in the united states banned them for their having a story that was critical of joe biden during the presidential campaign so to me. It's a bigger problem than just corruption. The white house. It's it's corruption the media you know the watchdog. We're not watching. In fact they were actively working on the other

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