A highlight from BOX365: A Ghostly Peeping Tom


What follows may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised The world is full of stories. Stories of mysteries of curiosities. Join anjem through gilligan. Talk for a strange the boozer the unexpected as the lid and wash asleep. You're inside the box oddities. Hello and thank you for joining us for a series. I like to call. My husband. Thinks i meant eighty. What are you talking about your in any dangerously smart. No i sent. Jj text the other day. And because i needed to know some stuff about banking that we're doing and they said that we had to have something to them by. eeo d. and so i sent jj taxed. And i said what does e od mean to the bank. And he sent me a text back that said end of the day. That's a reasonable response. You're looking for the hour that the way considered to be there for thirty five five thirty. It's a time that the drive fruit closes or is it the time that the the

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