Some Kaiser Permanente Employees Quit Over Vaccine Mandate


Talked to several people. Also who are work work well who worked Past tense for the biggest hospital chain. That rhymes with the people that worked with kaiser. That have just laughed because kaiser is saying they're not going to To acquiesce they're not even going to offer. They're gonna tighten up even religious exemptions So it's it's appalling that all of these people have to leave their jobs after serving us so well but these police officer said that they will walk out if they have to get the vaccine and they're willing to do other things they're willing to mask up. They're willing to take tests but they do not want to have the vaccine common. They should be no need to give a reason. Because my buddy choice. But i'm just curious in talking to them. Is that common thread as to why they don't want to because it's experimental or is in health reasons religious. What are they saying. I you know. So based on the people that i've talked to so far. It's all the reasons that you and i have talked about on the radio for months. Now it's the fact that it just hasn't been around long enough number one number two they don't want the government going down the slippery slope and this is probably the biggest of telling us what we can do. You know. I had a friend who is a pretty close friend who has got an active case of lupus and she has not gotten the vaccine yet but she also was afraid to get the vaccine. Because she's in a flare of lupus. She thinks it's going to make her sicker. She tried to get an appointment. Ucla medical center. They would not see her to treat her lupus until she got a covert vaccine and she told them that she was afraid and that she didn't wanna do it until she was. You know well on the mend from the lupus and they would not see her just wrong. So what's the next step. Are we going to go after smoking. Are we going to go after people. I mean what what what is next. Are we not. I mean the of law enforcement and hospitals are serve people who need help not to worry about vaccine

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