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So if you miss it and you want to check it out make sure you watch the cw network on october second and third the iheartradio music festival during a big. Congratulations iheart. But you got. I want to see nelly thank you. Yes yes i right in more entertainment news. so steve. We have to give a big shoutout to our friend friend of the show your personal friend. One of the kings of comedy cedric. The entertainer said he says that he said hosted the seventy third annual. Primetime emmys last night he was looking good. It was star studded ballerina misty copeland michael. Douglas garage u. p. Henson gayle king was himself. Yeah that's what i like man. He's really good. They did a great job. Yes gesture boy Esa friend do pool. Don't downplay that you mumbled it sees opportunity inc acute with you look right being acute. I don't look that been no cue. We that okay. And let's see you already knew. I was overweight. That's why you ain't wanna come cute. You will come this route. 'cause you knew i was. I was already waiting. What would you do to me. You ain't already done with me. Grow your plan for twenty some years already so much like he wasn't even even your nephew was not fit. Let please all right. We're going to move on that note. Finally in trending video gone viral news vacs attack. New york city was concerned. That it's new mandate requiring people to show proof of coburg vaccinations to enter restaurants in other. Indoor venues will result in some ugly confrontations. And guess what. that's just. What happened in a chaotic video. Now gone viral three women from houston texas. Try to get into you. Everybody knows kar minds in new york the popular tourist restaurant there. These women got violent when the host is outside as to see proof of vaccination The women's started hitting the host is with punches and also ripped off her necklace. It was horrible restaurant. Staff and even some bystanders intervened to try to break up the fight. Police were called in and three women were arrested. Thank god Just fyi i new york. City's rule requiring proof of vaccination for indoor restaurant dining Jim all that entertainment venues has been in effect since august seventeenth but according to multiple outlets the rule just recently started in la to. Here's the deal vaccine if you get vaccine of echo but the people who have decided to be safe you can't put them at risk. Sorry when she didn't make the rule asking you you mad at her. Cause you ain't got no vaccine. That's all just a host at the restaurant. Yeah balls toll for vaccine and now you'll ask going to jail and you'll meals on really jane appetizer and aino million fettuccini. Alfredo experience it is. cold is hail. Uk say warmness up. Hit it okay. You get what i wanted today. Wow really bad just ignorant podiums down. I saw somebody send me the video. I haven't seen somebody semi acted like like what you jump on this issue. And she's a young woman. You jump on her because she asks you a question about a vaccine are you. Serious are at what point. At what point do you think when you walk. The host is ads. Then they're going to give you see when when about helping people were coming to help me. It was so unbelievable. I'm pretty sure people are in shock at first. And then you go. Oh my god. They're beating her up. You know do jumped on her. He paid from houston a hell of a house of an. I'm telling you. I'm telling all right well coming up at twenty minutes after the hour. We're going to look into the mind of j. Anthony brown right after this. You're listening to steve harvey morning show. The trevor project is the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for. Lgbtq young people. If you were in you know need support each one of our trained counselors twenty four seven

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