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John. This is a harry's wondrous world and tonight. We're talking about some harry potter but joining me tonight on the panel the the great guests. I'm so excited again to have Ben mouse and robin cable from the sensuous sounds of say ben of infosys and true sounds of infosec there. It is nice. Welcome back guys. And if You guys can't see it. But robin is all decked out in her slithering shall i say go out tonight robe and one yup and then joining us from florida saudi florida right now. My old friend my good friend. Lisa wednesfield lisa. Welcome back to the show fat here. Thank you and as always matthew snotty who has a lot to contribute tonight and so much to talk about. I loved it when james earl jones was the lines voice. I thought it was the best part of this moving. Now you're spoiling it though we're talking about. Yeah what was it the off. Did you see the the the episode of the office. I love or jim is pranking. Dwight and he says Dwight i want. What was the movie where the the the The the little people go to mount more door and then they have to fight the person with the force and then he and they and then they have this battle for the wants and it's driving dwight crazy because he mixed matches all of these three massive sagas into one topic but tonight. We're talking about some harry potter. What we love about it. What we don't love about it and the big argument of You know which is the best book slash movie and we're just going to dive right in First of all show of hands. Who's read the books. Okay thanks you realize you. I know that's part of the fun though. Ben yeah so. I i know that that ben in matthew are coming into this not as a as indepth as as maybe some of us also on this podcast but joy were ill-prepared that's but they are going to offer a great contrast to to what we present today. So i'm going to jump in with with the big question. We're just going to start off heavy. What is the best book out of the seven. Okay which which is your favorite. And let's just quickly talk. Why and then. I'll disagree with you so robin i'm gonna i'm gonna go ahead and give it to you because i probably can guess. Which one is your favorite really. Well my favorite has long been the fifth book. The order of the phoenix. That's the one. I've probably read and listened to the most i like. It was pivotal in the coming of age story. It really took the kids from the trauma of the end of the fourth book into a very dark very real world and started tackling some much more serious subjects no pun intended. Oh yeah. I just got that one theory omen serious i was gonna say i thought maybe either the second one or the sixth one for you where your favorites. For what reason well in the last podcasts that we did we had a quick couple of second dialogue and i said hey. If you're in a house what house would you be. An and her response was slithering. So i thought you know those are more. There's more slithering centric. At least at least i think so but but are yeah. So lisa go ahead with your your pick. I i would. I think i'm gonna go with goblet of fire. Because of course that while when i was reading them with my daughter they were coming out. You know you have to wait for the next one to come and so that happened in the fifth book was like not not published yet. We're waiting here. It is that enormous climax at the end cliffhanger of my gosh. What's what's going to happen next. And so that. I think really stuck with me and you know the fact that my daughter. She's probably by that point. She was around eight or probably running on eight. Probably so exciting age of who my gosh you know in the joy of having a child you know reading with you and be like have that that first experience of really being fan girl moment of i can't wait for the next book and i can't you know and and all of that that was because when i first started in the books with their she was much younger it took a little while for her to really get into it by the fourth book she was fully involved and that was such a big cliffhanger that she It was it was to me. It's memorable for that reason. Is she still a fan or is it has carried that yes big time she. She says she had read that. We read them all together but then someone giving him to her audio audience she still will sometimes go on a road trip and just listen to them on audio books you know. She watches the she'll get image. Mom i got to watch all the harry potter movies this weekend. You know she'll watch them all you know and so she yes. She's a very big fan. Yes my friend. Chris and i have a windfall hits. You know the first. Chris day of fall here in kentucky It's one of those. Were all text or he'll text and it's like yep we're watching harry potter the first one this weekend it's just very it's very appropriate For for a so. But i agree with you. Lisa so i i. I picked the fourth book as well. That's my that's my favorite. But i didn't get into the books until the seventh book was actually waiting to be released. So my stories a lot different than yours. I remember going to the video store the blockbuster and they had a big pop up cardboard of dhabi and it was when the second movie came out and they were promoting it and and i just remember looking at it thinking. That's ridiculous you know a boy children's children's brecher children's movie and and that it was. I think gosh how many years later i For the job. That i was in i had to drive a lot. I was a trainer. And i would travel across states and i had a lot of time on the road and i remember picking up. It was one of the gas stations and they had the books on tape and it was like a binder. Thirteen cassettes at the time was. Dvd's anyway jim. Dale was the author. Tim dell and i put the first one in because i thought what's the big hair. Everyone is so crazy about harry potter every. Jk rowling well. I'll find. I'll i'll give it a shot. I had a six hour drive. I put the first tape in. I want to tell you. I sat in the parking lot of the hotel when i arrived there. It's like said no more chapter one more chapter and i tore into them after that. And then then. I realized after i finished book six that i was like wait a second. Where's the where's the seventh one. And then i realized it hasn't been released yet so i got a taste enjoyed

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