Is California Overusing the Flex Alert System?


As California summers get hotter. State officials are trying to avoid putting a strain on the state's electric did and they're offering issuing flex alerts. But as KCRW's Tara a tree on reports, Californians appear to be getting tired of the heat. And the state's pleased to conserve energy. When temperatures hit the triple digits. Many things can go wrong for the state's energy grid, and that heightens the risk of rolling blackouts for consumers. In the past California was successful at convincing people to voluntarily conserve energy by complying with flex alerts. Consumers are often asked to do things for a short period of time, like keeping the thermostat above 78 degrees, turning off unnecessary lights and holding off on using big appliances for a couple of hours, But there's a growing sense that the state is over using the Flex alert system. The tool was used just around 20 times between 2000 and nine and 2019. But so far this year, the state has already issued flex alerts five times and, according to Politico, Californians are already showing signs of fatigue. Demand for electricity didn't drop at all on July 9th or 10th. Despite to flex alerts, it did dip a little on the 12th when temperatures were slightly cooler. And that bodes poorly for future heatwaves. Experts safe Californians are unable to conserve energy. Higher electricity

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