Deborah Lipstadt Picked as Biden's Antisemitism Envoy


Alarmed by a wave of attacks on american jews tied to the recent violence between israel and hamas american jewish committee and others in may press the white house to address a glaring void in the us state department the absence of a special envoy to monitor and combat anti-semitism around the world. This week president biden. Fill that vacancy. With one of america's preeminent jewish historians and holocaust scholars emory university professor. Deborah lipstadt professor. Lipstadt joined us on people at the pod shortly after the release of her latest book anti-semitism here and now a series of letters to an imagined college student and imagined colleague. Both of whom are perplexed by contemporary expressions of the most ancient hatred. We discussed whether the world is sufficiently aware of this ever present. danger professor. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me so tell me what did inspire you to write this book wind. Did you start writing it. Was there a catalyst. The catalyst was a lot of things that happen amazingly enough now. It sounds like h industry a in two thousand fourteen. The shooting in brussels the the murderer in brussels of visitors to the jewish museum there and a lot of the anti-semitism that emerged around the war in gaza. But it was clear to me that it wasn't just related to the war in gaza that there had been enough other things happening that to just say. Oh this is all about. Gaza was a simplistic view. I wrote an op. Ed for the new york times got a tremendous amount of attention. Discussion and Finally i didn't. I thought that would be the end of it. My agent set me deborah. There's a book here. Where's the proposal. I said i have wallowed in the sewers of anti semitism and holocaust and office so much in my life. I really don't want to write about this. But he wouldn't give up. So i wrote the proposal. He presented to a publisher. They were interested in. I had to write the book. I mean a flip about that really. But as the time where i really started writing the book i would say two thousand fifteen amid to end two thousand fifteen and by that point. It was clear that the book was to me. It was clear that the book was

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