Gun Violence in America: Newark


For decades newark new jersey was listed among the country's most dangerous large city. Going to begin with that breaking news in newark. Police are confirming. This was a targeted shooting. Deadly shootings in newark. In less than two days the city of about two hundred and seventy thousand six just on the other side of the hudson river from new york and had the nation's third worst murder rate for large cities in two thousand thirteen or almost fifty consecutive years newark had been in the top ten most violent city. List's akilah arouses the president of the newer community street team. A group that works to reduce crime through community outreach cheryl says by the nineteen sixties newark and particularly its communities of color suffered under the weight of poverty discrimination and violence and it was made worse when crack. Cocaine hit the street. In the nineteen eighty. All of us agree that the gravest domestic threat facing our nation today is drug eighties. With the crack epidemic hit urban communities across the country it decimated newark as it decimated most black neighborhoods across country. Trauma was allowed to fester in ripple and and so we saw the impact of of those policies around the world drugs and world violence drugs or menacing our society they're threatening our values and undercutting our institutions how it impacted like kind of young black men and also communities of color all across the country newark was no not excluded from that but starting in two thousand fourteen things began to change newark new jersey tonight. Tatting a big drop in crime and cheryl says with the election of mayor razz baraka. The city took a new approach immediately. Started the work on building out. This complementary strategy to policing the newark community street team as he at the same time started to doing some reform within the police department. The raka broad public safety under one umbrella police fire and other safety groups under a newly created department of public safety. A move to the city says help simplify operations and reduce costs but it would take more than that to see lasting change. There has been progress helped. In part by a legal settlement in two thousand sixteen the city of newark reached an agreement with the department of justice following an investigation into newark. Police

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