That Time I Cocked Up Prince Charles' Christmas Party


Be frank with you. I have a history of coking prestigious gigs. The most. I've ever bummed on stage with when i was booked to do prince charles's christmas party. It was exactly as weird as it sounds. The first thing that was weighed about this gig is that i walked out. Charles and camilla was sat in the front row in high backed chairs. I was thinking you are aware this is real life. Not game of thrones also. Do sit in the front row. The front row is a comedian. Is the 'get-out-of-jail-free card. If the jokes aren't working you talk to the front row. You ask them what they do for a living icon. Ask prince charles. What he does for a living. He's the most famous unemployed man on the planet. You do for a living just sort of sit around. Wait for my parents to die me too. So i can't do the what's your job. Crowd work because my front row is a couple of benefits. I'm glad you laughed at that joke. I'm not gonna lie on the night that one did not go down well. Meghan was the only one offing which depending made it was the other thing about. This is that they didn't give me a microphone. Which is literally. The only thing that i need is a comedian because this is the only thing that gives me status over you without this. I am just the with this. Hi i'm here to talk to you about politics without it so no microphone right there in the front row. Forty five minutes. I had to do forty five minutes of dancing around in front of the royal family. Like i was the caught fucking gesta my final indignity off to the gig now as a comedian. You know when you have hot show you do not need to be told it you especially do not need to be bounded by the future. King of england was introduced to prince charles. Do you know what the fuss thing was that he said to me. I think next year. We'll try magician.

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