Bobbie Rosenfeld: The Olympian Who Could Do Everything


Are not an ideal outfit for running now. They might sound unfamiliar to our ears today. But these puffed up pantaloons once grace the bottom halves and cavs of plenty of young women in the early nineteen. Hundreds there called pup tent bloomers because as pants. They're so big that they kinda look like those pup tents that soldiers would cover themselves in while sleeping underneath the stars even if you don't think they look like pup tents and i'll be the first to admit that they don't exactly in the nineteen ninety s. We would call these things hammer pants but they probably used about as much fabric as a pup tent did they were big bill louis and could balloon with air so not good athletic. Wear for someone trying to run fast. They'd catch the wind like a sail. Nevertheless there stood young. Bobbie rosenfeld at the starting line of a foot race that she hadn't even planned on running. She was being cheered on by oliver softball teammates wearing her wind. Grabby it's pup tent. Bloomers she was at a citywide picnic plate in a softball game but knowing how fast she was on the base paths. Her teammates convinced her to enter a one hundred meter dash. That just happened to be taking place nearby. She said yes without much thought and the next thing she knew the starting pistol was fired. Twelve point one seconds later bobby crossed the finish line before anyone else seemingly out of nowhere. A man came running up to her asking questions. Like where did you come from. Who are you. Have you run in competition before. And when he asked her if she knew who she had beaten. Bobby shrugged and said no. He told her that she had beaten canadian champion. Rosa gross. Bobby thought that was pretty cool. Then he asked. Do you know how faster time was bobby again. Said no he told her. It was twelve point. One seconds. The canadian record.

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