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So maybe listen on headphones if you're at work or around small children now here's a show. Hey kristen yeah jolanta. We have reached the end of our eighth season of by the book. And do you know what that means. Oh my gosh. It means that we are podcasting. Superheroes I think it probably also means like we're in common law podcasting marriage and it also means it's time for another by the book. Season wrapup owns our pain. That's right it's time for our by the book season. Eight wrap up. This is the first of our current crop of bonus episodes every other week between now and season. Nine we'll be releasing a new bonus episode and before we get started. Just a reminder if you want some of their podcast and your ears and like kristen's voice. You should check out movie therapy with rafer and chris them. It is a very good. Listen i listen to it. In each episode people right in with their quandary and rafer and kristen respond with some empathy and some advice and of course some viewing recommendations for what ever the writer is dealing with. Check it out. That's movie therapy with raver and kristen. You get to eavesdrop on people's problems and hear some good things to watch. Thank you joe linda and also reminder number two our book how to be fine what we learned from living by the rules of fifty self help books is available in stores. You can buy it online. When you're online shopping. You can read that book as an e book you can listen to it to to in particular is just a delight because she is so funny in her reading of the book. Just more bore so good to you can tell who the comedian slash actor is between the two of us because joanna is such a delight till listen to in that book so please check out how to be fine. What we learn from living by the rules fifty books were ever books are sold all right enough plugs. Get that content. The content bled. Get this season. Wrapup star ted so as per all our season wrapup. We're going to go through each book and we're going to talk about that things that have stuck with us the new revelations that we may have come across since we've lived by this book and was pure torture living by this book. Let's get her start head. Yes the first book we lived by season was dream more. Celebrate the dreamer in you by dolly parton. Jolanta tell us what stock i have been barry into honoring my young self at like turning to my young self in times of need for guidance. The advice dali's book that has very much stuck with me. i feel like it's always a good litmus test for like if you've gone past the like will this hurt other people if i do it like but if you're still on the fence be like little approve of this and if the answer is yes and it won't hurt other people let go for it. Oh i love that. That's what stuck joe winter. That's really sweet. I love that. What about new revelations. I feel like i've had none. It's not love nali more or less or anything like exciting and because of this book i feel like i'm just a true dolly fan and still love the book but like nothing new and what about torture what was pure torture for you Pure torture is whenever we talk about this book or in general people recommending Listening to the podcast all his america. I tried it's slow for me. Yeah dolly perkins america by jad rod from wnyc also the host and co creator of radio lab. Yes and we get that recommended to us almost every day. Yeah yeah we know about it jolanta. You just don't like that show. Melania i tried it. Thanks for the wreck. We've heard of it. Kristen what about you. What has stuck. Well obviously my love of dolly but also I keep thinking about haw. Dolly repeatedly says in her book. This is my story These are just my wishes for you. I wish for you dream. I wish for you to do more. But i'm not actually giving you instructions on what to do because you know that's up to you that's your life. I'm only telling you what worked for my life. And i love that dolly does that and god. I wish that more self help authors would do that she says i'm not qualified to give you instructions. I'm only qualified to share. What's true to me. Oh my gosh jilin to. You and i tried to do that in our book as well. We tried to make that clear like we're not telling you what to do but most authors don't do that.

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