A highlight from How CMOs can Drive Success in Turbulent Times


Set big goals. I figured goals and you can meet and he really scrappy about trying to get them down. You know willing to to be in the weeds as well as the strategies you know. Nobody has too many resources today. There's no such thing as too much budget. You know you. You have to be able to show like really mirror. The you want people to to also deliver on. You're listening to digital conversations with billy bateman the demand gen leader source for the latest revenue strategies presented by channels all right. Everyone welcome to the show today today. I am joined by monica sullivan. Cmo demand science. Monica thanks for joining me today to be heavily. Yeah yeah we're excited. We're gonna talk about marketing marketings role in helping companies during times of transformation. You've got a lot of experience in that but before we hop into that. I just would like you to share with everyone. Your career journey What sparked your interest in marketing. What led you to be in the cmo demand. Science sounds great. Happy to do it. I think you know it's easy to say always wanted to be a marketer. But i'll be honest and say that you know in in undergrad. I didn't really know what that meant. I thought it was advertising in super bowl ads and things that were just cool and sexy big budgets and of course that's not all the reality although that's the fun part for sure but i. I certainly am thrilled. Still be on the path in marketing. And i started really my journey for ernest at digital I was there for eleven. Years was an amazing opportunity and foundational time for me and talking to my peers. We're all in agreement that that was really when we grew as marketers. We actually have a reunion coming up in the fall. Hopefully in person in the boston area so excited about that. And you know there's for sure six degrees of Six degrees of separation with my peers at dinner. Toss around this area and beyond which makes it also fun to continue to be connection. Engage with people that you've known for a long time who are growing in their careers. Many people in as cmo's at this point but you know it's it's there's been a lot the journey as well and and took me a lot of places to get to orient today. So wanna talk to you a little bit about that. Because i really learned a lot in in what it takes to be transformational and succeed in. It's not really about being able to send a memo about a new marketing campaign. It takes a lot of engagement of communication as you know. You mean you send out the message on slack. Teams that email in your okay. We'll do this in pupae nope so.

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